Firefly Communications Experts takes over 30 years of combined experience developing and delivering business communications training and applies it to comprehensive modules that can be delivered in person or online.

Individual courses:

  • Target specific skills

  • Allow you to build a program tailored to your needs

Course bundles:

  • Group similar courses with complementary skill sets

  • Save you money when taking multiple courses

All courses are available in online modules for individuals or for onsite delivery to groups of up to 20 participants.

BUNDLE A: Professional Communication: A Primer

In this bundle, you will learn how to:

  • Use positive verbal and written communication strategies to effectively deliver your ideas

  • Deliver impactful messages to individuals or groups

  • Engage your audience so they are excited to hear what you have to say

Positive Communication Strategies

Communication styles affect a team’s cohesiveness, efficiency and productivity. In this module, you will learn to recognize your style of communication and how it affects others. You will also learn how to manage your team’s four basic styles of communication: aggressive, passive-aggressive, passive, and assertive.

Writing Professional Emails

Email is the most commonly used communication tool in daily professional communication among professionals. This module will give you the skills to create concise, impactful emails that will explain your point clearly while eliciting the response you need.

Presentations & Public Speaking

In this course, we share effective tools for creating and delivering professional, engaging oral presentations, with tips on creating effective visual supports.

BUNDLE B: Organizing Your Ideas

In this bundle, you will learn how to:

  • Craft your content to reflect your research and your purpose

  • Build your writing so it flows in a logical and decisive style

  • Communicate clearly and effectively

Planning Your Document: From Research to Writing

One of the most common stumbling blocks for any writer is knowing when and how to move from research to writing. This course will outline the steps needed to synthesize research into effective communication.

Building Your Argument: Powerful Paragraphs

Paragraphs are the building blocks of powerful messaging and persuasive arguments. This module will show you how to build a strong paragraph—from the topic sentence to the order of supporting information to building tight transitions between paragraphs—in order to support your communication.

Writing Clear Instructions

Whether writing an email explaining a new process or policy or building an instruction manual, the techniques in this course will help create clear, accurate instructions.

BUNDLE C: Polishing Prose

In this bundle, you will learn how to tighten each sentence so it says exactly what you want it to say using:

  • Clearer diction

  • Powerful punctuation

  • Logical organization

Clear Writing 01

This first module helps you identify—and eliminate—passive structures and wordiness to maximize clarity. The techniques shared in this course will help the writer reduce verbal clutter in both business and personal writing.

Clear Writing 02

Basic language techniques clarify and simplify your writing. This course takes those tools to the next level and gives participants strategies for clearer writing using document structure and accurate word choice.

Clear Writing 03

Coming Soon

BUNDLE D: Stronger Sentences

In this bundle, you will learn how to:

  • Construct a sentence from the ground up.

  • Use foundational terms from English grammar

  • Use punctuation marks effectively

  • Analyze and construct your sentences from a grammatical perspective

Stronger Sentences 01

In this introductory module you are introduced to the basic vocabulary of English sentence structure--terms like “subject” and “independent clause” that are critical for the discussion of punctuation and sentence organization. If these terms are new to you, or if you would like a quick refresher on their use, it is highly recommended that you complete this module before moving on to the next Stronger Sentences modules.

Stronger Sentences 02

In this module we expand on some of the punctuation and structure elements from Stronger Sentences 01. You will learn some common ways to use the comma, colon, and semi-colon--and how to avoid common problems with their use.

Stronger Sentences 03

Is it I? Is it me? In this module you will learn to identify some of the common problems with pronoun use as well as how to fix them.

BUNDLE E: Powerful Writing

In this bundle, you will learn to:

  • Pinpoint the purpose of your message and match your tools to your purpose

  • Develop a plan of attack and choose your writing strategies based on that plan

  • Choose what information to include and in what order to fulfill your communication purpose

Persuasive Writing

The key to persuasive writing is getting your reader on your side using subtle and effective writing strategies. This course will give participants the skills to positively sway their readership.

Requesting and Refusing

Writing a request requires skill in persuasive writing and tact. Refusing a request requires the same set of skills, but for a different result. This course will develop specific approaches to both making—and refusing—a request tactfully and effectively.

Social Media Literacy

Social media is a powerful marketing tool—when you know how to harness it. This course gives guidelines for professional, effective communication in social media. This course covers tips for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

BUNDLE F: ESL Professionals

In this bundle, you will learn the core skills necessary to succeed in an English-speaking business environment. Topics covered include:

  • Cross-cultural awareness in the workplace

  • Effective presentations

  • Giving instructions

  • Expressing opinions

Business English for ESL Professionals I: Interpersonal Communication Skills

Professionals whose first language is not English can run into unique roadblocks in business communication. This introductory module focuses on listening actively, reading social cues and mastering verbal and written tone.

Business English for ESL Professionals II: Applied Vocabulary and Context

Extending the skills learned in the first level, this module helps participants discover and apply specialized vocabulary and communications contexts specific to their chosen field.