Communications Training

Would you like to learn about writing more powerful emails? Want to learn the difference between a colon and a semi-colon? Firefly’s onsite and online courses will teach you everything from the basics of English sentence structure to higher-level professional communication strategies. Explore our course listings.

Our team has extensive experience producing and delivering high-quality classroom and online training. Our onsite courses bring together the content of our online training with our enthusiastic and personable teaching styles. Develop your own training suite from our menu of online courses, or choose from our learning bundles that are optimized for the onsite training experience. We tailor all of our training to meet your specific organizational needs.

Onsite Training

All of our courses can be delivered in onsite sessions. The benefit of online instruction is that we can train larger groups who will benefit from the questions and experiences of colleagues. Participants can interact with the material, ask questions, discuss specific areas of concern, and get in-person feedback on their work.

Courses are delivered in 3-hour modules for up to 20 participants and can be delivered onsite at your place of work or at an outside training facility.

For onsite training rates, contact Tom Penner:

Full Course & Bundle List

Custom Curriculum Development

The Firefly team of educators has experience developing curricula for business, academia, and government services. We provide consultation and curriculum development that is tailored to your needs. if you have material that needs to be delivered to your team or a client, let us shape your ideas into teachable modules that can be delivered online or in person.

Contact Tom Penner at to discuss how.